AIZA token

Properties and utilities of AIZA token in the Aiza World.

The design for AIZA token is focusing on its core value in financial value capture. Through the time, we encourage people to hold AIZA to gain more privileges that our team is developing. More than that, holders are also getting more financial benefits with lower supply and more demand for AIZA tokens.

UserAiza World

Game Activities

  • Buy common NFT and Bundles by AIZA and BNB

  • Buy rare NFT by AIZA, AHAHA and BNB

  • Join the auction for NFTs

  • Subtract the correlative amount in NFT Mining and Staking Fund

Staking Features

  • Lock AIZA in the NFT mining and Staking to receive the ve-AIZA

  • Use ve-Aiza to use privilege features

  • Release the ve-AIZA and reward AHAHA as benefits

Finance Service Fund

  • Use AIZA or BNB as the down payment for โ€œLoan-for-Playโ€ services

  • Subtract the correlative amount in Finance Services Fund

DAO Features

  • Staking AIZA for voting

  • Extensively use the token based on the decision of communities

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