Vision & Missions

Why we together build this world up and challenges we are solving

The success of gamefi projects pushed up the adoption of cryptocurrency and reform the game industry. The decisive factor that makes the glory of this evolution is the distribution of benefits. By making use of transparency (the core advantage of blockchain technology), players and game publishers are mutually sharing the value of the game. Hold the token and see the price surge up. It’s the common concept of play-to-earn features in most of the gamefi projects.

The secret to success looks simple. Bring more players, and the token is up. But in Aiza World, we looked at the pathway in different aspects.

Our vision is to bring a circular economy and sustainable metaverse.

Circular Economy prospers and provides the benefits not only to a group of few people but society, communities and the environment.

It is not a joke for a game project. In recent days, the influence of game streamers on social goals revealed the fact that a group of people who share the same values could impact the way our society resolves its problem. Donation or voting is the simplest way to represent the alignment with activities of someone. What if we bring that concept to the metaverse?

Reward Mechanism is designed to let all users fairly earned through their contribution to Aiza World community.

Aiza World is not just a game but the protocol to let people really participate in out-game missions. Our task-based approach for players could drive the community development to farther boundaries, and break through to the next level. Your pride is our treasure and we oriented the development toward every personal attribute.

Through this mechanism in figure 1, we reformed the metaverse to be more sustainable, self-regulation and circulate the value among stakeholders. In parallel, we empowered all parties to contribute to the expansion of the communities.

The workflow above clearly describes how Aiza World is the gateway to tie up personal values with the aligned communities (game guilds, hobbies groups, social communities…). The diversity of interests maximizes the adoption of Aiza World to different groups of peoples.

Working with business partners empowers Aiza World as the communities of values, diversity in attributes and global communities.

Moreover, partnership with business partners created a win-win relationship. Current Aiza World Members get benefited by discount, good-will or special marketing schemes from our partners. Business partners enrich their brand awareness, approach new communities and have their own footprint in the metaverse. Moreover, Aiza World proposed new marketing channels or two-way paths where their own customers could reach new values and vice versa.

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