AHAHA token

Properties and utilities of AHAHA token in the Aiza World.
With AHAHA, users could demonstrate their preference with Aiza World value. The deep involvement with activities and challenges in and also out-game brings benefits for participants. In Aiza World, all contributions are rewarded and we designed a smart workflow to flexibly maintain the rewards in its true value.
Aiza World
Game Activities
  • Receive token as PVE reward
  • Part of bundles
  • Reward for top players
  • Reward of lucky draw
  • Manage the amount of minted AHAHA through the back-end mechanism
Out-game Challenges
  • Redeem the AHAHA to get discount codes of Aiza World business partners
  • Complete the out-game challenge to earn AHAHA
  • Provide the system for redemption
  • Benefit communities through business development and partnership with new businesses
Finance Service Fund
  • Use AHAHA to pay the fee of “Loan-for-Play” services
  • Burn the AHAHA from this activities