NFT Marketplace

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We aim at making NFT Marketplace (HNM) one of the top cross-chain NFT Marketplaces in the blockchain space. AIZA marketplace is where users can exchange unlimited NFT categories such as utility, sports, music, art, cards.
The marketplace is equipped with superior features that give you the best trading experience and money-making opportunities. The features include:

Cross-chain Technology

Aiza marketplace is a highly liquid decentralized market that allows users to securely and transparently exchange NFT tokens that exist across several blockchains.
Cross-chain technology has been defined as an evolving technology that enables the transmission of value and information between different blockchain networks. While a standard NFT marketplace only permits single blockchain transactions, Aiza marketplace allows users to transact between multiple networks.

Simple NFT Minting

Anyone can create, or in other words, "mint" their NFTs in a few simple steps. After uploading your digital content to the platform, you can set up the total number of NFTs created and the commission fee levels (suggested percentage are 10%, 20%, and 30%). Users will need to approve payment from their wallets to pay transaction fees to the blockchain network they are minting NFTs on.
As an NFT creator, you can choose to let other sellers sell your artwork and earn from the sales commission. After each sale, the commission fees are directly transferred to your wallets.

Anti-plagiary Mechanisms

When the newly formed NFT is sold for the first time in the Aiza marketplace, the platform will charge the creator a creation fee (initially set at 15%). Creators who pay the initial price will receive a "verified account" badge that identifies them as the original creators. The platform administrator grants the user's account verification. There is also a "report" function in case of copyright infringement.

Payment in Your Favorable Tokens

When users exchange NFTs in the Aiza marketplace, the transaction fee is deducted directly from user wallets by the blockchain network. The platform will charge a certain fee to the seller (initially set at 3% of the total transaction value). Though NFTs are listed in $AZA, users may buy by using other tokens. If users pay with another cryptocurrency, the equivalent payment amount will be calculated automatically using exchange rates from external trading services (e.g., PancakeSwap). If a seller makes a profit from the sales, a predefined commission fee will be deducted from the profit and be rewarded to the NFTs creator.
[Commission fees] = [(Selling price in $AZA)*(1- transaction fee%) – (Purchasing price in $AZA)*(1+ transaction fee%)] * [NFT’s commission rate]

NFT Auctions

Creators and sellers can launch NFT auctions in the marketplace to broadcast their NFTs to broader potential buyers and earn higher chances of selling them at a higher value.