About Aiza World

Briefly tell you our story and some characters that make Aiza World is the project that you should follow.

What do we really do?

Aiza World is a Metaverse blockchain-based serial-games, refining the new protocol of B2C as 2nd life and platform for value exchanges in terms of ESG missions where NFTs represent as the key to unlock the new era of personal values.

Operating under the Decentralized mechanism (DAO), Aiza World is aimed to ensure fairness, open opportunities in both financial and also non-financial values for players, investors, lenders, borrowers and crypto-lovers who believe in the revolution of the metaverse.

In Aiza World, the voice of the community is the key to driving our development.

Just another Gamefi project, are we?

You are right, but wait, Aiza World is more than that.

No doubt to say, the success of the gamefi projects in recent years inspired crypto-world. The massive adoption of cryptocurrency in the game industry proves that if we target the right demand, we shall have endless support from the community. The creation of community should start by initial value, and obviously, happiness is the classic glue to connect people.

Let’s recall our childhood, every single game we played was not just a game but the way to communicate, engage and stick two (or more) strangers together. Preliminary foundation is the momentum to foster our connection. But the connectivity is weak if we have just had fun, the group of people is only everlasting if we continuously share the mutual advantages.

Our philosophy stemmed from those simple rules. From the first brick of gamefi, our journey is to maintain, uphold and cultivate the development of communities. Indeed, more ingredients are waiting to make a perfect soup.

What makes us be outstanding?

Our first product is the Sniper Master game. Believe or not, it’s an amazing game for everyone. There is no limit in gender, age or nations

Challenging time with friends or conquering the world in the game environment are essential to determine the value of Aiza World. Based on multiverse theory, our game story covered all the fairy tales from the Greek Mythology to the modern heroic stories (Batman, Dracula…), from the Western characters to historical Asia characters.

Surrounding the benefits of people, by the lending schemes, Aiza World is the pioneer in NFTs collateralized loans. Worry-free about financial obstacles and firstly enjoying the happiness in Aiza World is the direction we would bring to our people. Not only financial values, we believe in the person's value by awarding in various ways for their contribution.

Starting from Binance Smart Chain, our developers have designed the core system to adapt with Cross-chain technology. It means that your friends from other platforms could join the Aiza World easily and limitless in the integration.

Standing out from other crypto-place, Aiza World supports values of community by harnessing the preference of each individual with aligned entities - by purchasing Branding NFT. Business owners, KOLs or all communities could partake in our Marketplace to spread out their impact through their own NFTs. In very few words, the value of Aiza World evolves with the new alignment among different stakeholders.

Last but not least, we are proud to say Aiza World is one of the very early adopters of the concept Staking for features. AIZA holders are encouraged to retain in their journey with privileges and represent their values through tailored functions.

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