Dual-token Economy

How we run Aiza World: Millions way to go along with Aiza

Why do we choose dual-token to run the Aiza World Economy?

Beside the compliance with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and the investment raising for the early stage of a crypto-project, we have well planned architecture that dual-token economy provides propensity and firm foundation to build up a sustainable metaverse.
There are two kinds of token that our users should pay attention to: AIZA and AHAHA. Both are BEP-20 - token standard on Binance Smart Chain, which is well adopted by the market.
In general, AIZA is used as the security, governance token and the backbone for the entire ecosystem. The supply of AIZA is fixed at 600 millions and vesting with a predefined and transparent schedule (within 36 months since the Token Generation Event). AHAHA is the in-game token and the key to let people open and participate in the game activities. AHAHA is the mintable token and the supply depends on multiple factors, such as: the volume of users, number of activities, the interest of funding services… AIZA token is responsible for fundamental features and financial value of players. Holders of AIZA will receive ve-AIZA - the certificate of AIZA recipient which allows holders to represent their contribution and empower them to open special features which are not available for common users.
Meanwhile, AHAHA token captures the preference of users in Aiza World activities. The more time and more commitment of users, it means the higher opportunity to earn AHAHA tokens. In the mechanism of Aiza World, we have designed the system with objectives toward the encouragement for user’s engagement.