Key features


Users can join the game with various funny and badass characters. Characters can be purchased from marketplaces or summoned by using Summon scrolls. Before each battle, the user can select character to participate among all characters they own. They will constantly upgrade the characters’ power through completing tasks, winning battles, applying in-game items and upgrade in-game equipment.

Summon scroll

There are many different types of scroll. Users can get new characters randomly by using the summon scrolls.


Each character can be equipped with clothing, weapon and other items. Equipment provide additional statistical bonuses that will assist players in the game. This adds an element of customization for players.

Equipment blueprints

Users can purchase equipment from marketplaces or forge new equipment by combine Equipment blueprints and materials in Workshop.


Workshop is users' sweet home. It provides many useful functions for its owner:

  • Forge for creating new equipment

  • Chemistry for upgrade equipment

  • Altar for fusion equipment

For anyone doesn't own the workshop, they can rent it from owning users.

Daily quests

The users will have to perform daily missions to upgrade their characters strength, rank and receive valuable items.

Hall of Fame

After each battle, the characters will be named and ranked in the hall of fame. The users will receive the better rewards as much as they climb up the hall of fame.

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