Amazing Team

Information about the builders of Aiza World
No one could conquer the world without a team. Behind the development of Aiza World is the dedicated team and well-blended spirit among young talents, experienced developers and “glorious warriors” from famous crypto projects. The balance in expertises (blockchain technology, marketing management, community, game development and financial knowledge) and diversity in cultures (Asia, Europe, America…) makes Aiza World be the right place for people from everywhere around the world.
Please find below to gain more info about our team members:
She has 6 years experience in Marketing.
  • Marketing Certificate at Harvard University - U.S
  • Management at Boston University
  • Head of Marketing in GoldSun Media
He has 13 years experience in Technology & 6 years experience in building/ producing games
  • Director of HD Capital
  • Admin of Blockchain Developer Club VN
  • Chairman Adgame​
  • Manager Mobile online Foodball Star
  • Product manager in FPT Gamestore
  • Product manager in Luckybet​
  • Project manager in CMC Coporation​
  • Chairman Alobase​
  • Co-founder Alotruck​
He has 5 years experience in finance/ economy/ tokenomic
  • Head of Provenance at - Blockchain UN Lab have 180.000 member & counting
  • Graduation Financial analysis at Northampton University, U.K
  • Financial analysis in VP Bank
He has 15 years experience of software production
He has 5 years experience in blockchain domain
  • A qualified senior with over 14 years of experience in Information Technology in design, development, implementation and maintaining Blockchain, IOT, Desktop/web/embedded applications
  • Expert/ Senior Developer in some blockchain platform such as: HetaChain, Akachain, Cere​
  • Graduation at Hanoi University of Science and Technology
He has 13 years experience in Technology
  • 10 years experience of Techlead in Transaction for Banks
He has 13 years experience in Game Design
Game design in Gameloft( Top 10 Biggest Studio in the World )
  • Heroes of Order & Chaos
  • Disney magic kingdoms
  • Ice Age Adventures
Game Planner in Valofe:
  • 영웅 (Hero)
  • 외모지상주의 (Lookism) -Game design in Onesoft - ABI
  • Super Swing Man: City Adventure
  • Metal Squad: Shooting Game
  • Adventure Blast - Free Puzzle Game
  • Shadow Battle 2.2
Project manager Megaads
  • GoGo Hero: Survival Battle Royale
  • War of Toys: Battle Strategy Simulator
He has 13 years experience in Game design & Artist
  • Product Lead in Vingame Studio
  • Product lead in ABI Studio
He has 11 years experience in 2D/3D animation & motion Graphic Product
  • Director CGI in Saltpixel
  • 3D generalist in VTC intecom
  • 3D generalist in VTC online
  • ​Behance profile​
He has 5 years experience Development Game
  • Product Leader in BlackWolf Studio
  • Developer in Vingame Studio
He has 4 years experience Development Game
  • Developer in Vingame Studio
He has 11 years experience in Technology
  • 4 years experience in decentralize applications development ( Senior Smartcontract )
He has 7 years experience in Technology & Community Builder
  • Founder in DonCorp
  • Founder in Uland